Sunday, 26 May 2019

Tips to Buy a Charcoal Grill

If you are about to buy a charcoal grill, the first thing you should consider is what kind of cooking do you intend to do with it. You will find a difference in the kind of equipment that will simply grill up some burgers or chops and the kind that can slow cook bbq ribs. So you should have a good idea of what you intend to cook and how much you want to spend.


You can find different sizes of charcoal grills. You can find large drum grills with 1400 square inch cooking surface. There is a portable tabletop model that is perfect for a pair of steaks, So you have to determine the kind of cooking you want to do. For indirect grilling, you need plenty of space to build a fire on one side and still have room for the food. You have to have the lid height to stand up a chicken if you want to make beer can chicken.

Airflow control is the next thing you should look for. The grill needs to be able to be closed up tight so that the vents are the only way for air to get in and out of the grill. Only then you can hold a set temperature. A good charcoal grill can be shut down when you are finished cooking to put out the fire. You will also be able to save the remaining charcoal for the next cookout. If you don’t consider this, you will end up spending a lot more on charcoal than you need to.

Nobody wants to be stuck with a charcoal grill that has to be turned over to be cleaned out.  Look for easy to clean mechanism when buying a charcoal grill. Most charcoal grills offer some sort of ash tool  Others have ashtrays that can be easily removed.

It is always good to make a long-term investment in your grill. Choose a grill that will last long. You will have to make sure that the charcoal grill you buy is made out of a durable material; ceramics, stainless steel and 16 or 18 gauge steel are all good options. Check the thickness of the charcoal grill. If the grill is thicker, it will hold heat much better than a flimsy grill.  You should consider the same for cooking grates also. Stainless steel or cast iron will be the best for cooking grates. You can always buy a sear grate to get those desired grill marks if your grill does not have good cooking grates.

If you take some effort to look for all these things in your charcoal grill, the grill you choose will be a good investment for you. If the grill you choose does not last long, the money spends you spend on it will be wasted. So research before you buy a charcoal grill.

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